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Snowstorm Poll
Wrarrrr! =)
is anyone else playing wildstar ?
I'm actually enjoying ESO for the most part. hate how they've set up guilds, but I like the game paly for the most part.
Wildstar open beta starts on may 8th
don't know if anyone still looks at this page. If you are playing Elder scrolls, look me up. @Aberlour.
A lot of Elder Scrolls BETA invites out for stress testing this weekend. Anyone else playing?
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Welcome to Last Echo's Homepage!

Carl/Kyle is designing our new website,

which will be available soon. For now,

feel free to visit the forums.

Also... you may wish to see this:

Last Echo
Guild News

Last Echo going Teamspeak!

Valcutio, Aug 18, 12 6:21 PM.
So, we finally made the transition to Teamspeak from Vent. So far I like the admin controls and the ability to have personal avatars when someone clicks on our names. Some pretty cool stuff. The sound quality is on par with Vent and I've had zero issues thus far.

You can find our server information once you log in and check the guild description! Feel free to hop on, set up your avatar and let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions for settings or channel names, let me know. I'm keeping it basic right now (Lobby, Raid 1/2, Group 1/2/3) but I can easily change that around if we need more channels or someone has an idea for better names.

Anyhow! Hell has frozen over... we're using TS officially now.

Steam Group Now Available

Opkier, Jul 16, 12 9:28 PM.
Ideally used for getting a group going for some random game or keeping in contact if you're not into the forums.  A lot of Free to Play games have been making their way onto steam, so invite a friend and go fraggin.

New Server! New Name! Same Sexiness!

Valcutio, Jun 15, 12 3:38 AM.
Hey everyone! As many of you may have noticed, we have transferred to the new server and have a new name. Yay! We'll continue recruiting and raiding and maybe even toss in some new events here and there. I look forward to seeing you guys on the other side.

- Val

1 shotting 16m Kephess? Yes we can. Yes we did.

Valcutio, Apr 29, 12 1:00 AM.
Big grats to Snowstorm on 1 shotting Kephess this week in what can only be explained as the single most amazing battle that has ever happened... ever. Terminator is MVP this week and redeemed himself with planting the bomb in record time! Woooo!

Also, I was healing. Suck it.

EC cleared... just gotta work on HM!

Valcutio, Apr 18, 12 7:48 PM.
A little late but I want to say a huge congratulations to Corin's raid on clearing EC. As far as I know they were the first people on the server to do so.

Our 16 man went 3/4 last week and this week we're looking at clearing the place. Make sure you guys are signing up! People signed up get first dibs on spots.
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